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One of my main goals is to inspire others to ‘work’ through things and reach for their goals, even when they don’t have all the answers. You don’t have to have it all together before you go for it.
— Maria Howell



It took me over 20 years in my career, to comfortably call myself an artist, and to feel confident about it. I’m very comfortable in my skin now, more than ever before. If I’ve survived this far, I wonder how much further and farther along, I would have been, had I simply known better and not carried so much pain. Hmmm. 

As a woman in this business, there are even more layers to this lifestyle, in this industry. I strongly feel that it takes a “woman who knows”, to help those coming after. I strive to share my stories with other women in the business, and those considering the business. To load them with information, so that they’ll hopefully, make the best decisions for themselves. Considering things like family life, husband, children, other work…even pets. Yes, pets…travel can be a beast (no pun intended), but sometimes there are  compromises and sacrifices, based on choices of how you wanna live your life in the industry. Being realistic is a major factor in survival, and it’s important to me to see us thrive with creativity, to think outside the box and understand, we may be the “next big thing”, the next innovator, trend setter, but we must NOT spend too much time, comparing ourselves to others. What’s meant for you is YOURS! God is in total control!

One of my main goals is to inspire others, to “work” through things and reach for their own goals, even when they don’t have all the answers. You don’t have to “have it all together before you go for it. Success is mainly…never quitting. I wish I had had that awareness much earlier in my life. I want to help folks “connect their dots” and be able to step outside their own view, and see themselves as God sees them. To live with joy and contentment, wherever they are in life.

I look forward to sharing more of my story - and my lessons - with you. 


Q & A 


If you had to choose three values that you live and create by, what would they be? 

  1. Sincerity 
  2. Love
  3. Humor 

What is your personal mission/vision statement? 

To be able to help somebody else see their worth and strive to live in their purpose with joy and contentment in their heart, and pass that mantra on to others. 

What life experiences or turning points have shaped you into the person you are today? 

Being from a small town, with a modest beginning, and learning the value of relationships. That money and fame will not cure what ails you. One very personal and painful experience early in my life, made me extremely determined to be my own best friend. There’s a down side to that though, it also creates trust issues. I used to be too trusting, with no boundaries, something I’ve struggled with for most of my life. The upside is, I’m a bit idealistic and want everyone to be happy and loved, because I wanted to be accepted and loved. I became resilient, determined, and a take charge person, yet I’m still a little shy. 

What inspires you to create?

I’ve been doing it so long, it’s sometimes hard to remember. I think as humans, we’re created to create. I used to draw crude floor plans of what my dream house would look like, when I was a little girl. Write poetry, and letters to God. Spirituality has always been big in my life, and sometimes it’s as simple as that. I feel God speaks to me, through my dreams and I wake up with ideas and want to see them through. I’m inspired by things like music, and nature. Sharing time with others, hearing their stories. Sometimes, it’s just simply inspired by the reality of making a living for myself (bills are real), or being bored with sitting still. Something I’m STILL working on. 


What lessons have you learned as a woman and an artist that you want everyone to know? 

To prioritize what’s most important…God is always first. That I have to set boundaries and truly take care of myself, so I may be able to take care of those I love. I’ve learned better to forgive and let go, so that I can move forward to do what God has for me to do. Sometimes that can mean letting go of things, and even people. Folks may not understand that, and I’m daily learning not to worry about it. Being a woman in this business is a bit more challenging, but I refuse to compromise my soul to accomplish fame.  

What role does your family play in your life? How have they helped shape the woman and artist you are today? 

My family has played an enormous role, in that they support what I do. They believed in me, before I began this journey. Being the “solid as a rock” eldest, the trust was there from the start. That same trust gave me confidence and courage to embark on any endeavor, knowing I had a built-in cheering squad. Parents, siblings, and extended family included. 

What is one thing people always say about you? What is one thing they’d be surprised to find out? 

One thing they always say is, I’m so sweet and loving. One thing they’d be surprised to find out is, I LOVE watching cartoons. 

Why is it important for you to have your own platform? What is it you feel you are called to express to the world? 

I feel it’s important to have my own platform, in order to inspire others, so that they can do anything they set their hearts and  minds to. No matter what a person’s back ground is/was, any and all things are possible. It’s what you set your mind to, that makes the difference. I’m an advocate for the ones who don’t see a way up and out...who feel like no one is on their side...who don’t know how to “connect their dots”. I want to help offer solutions, or at least get their wheels turning, so they can figure out and understand, that every day we wake up, is another opportunity to do something good in the world.

What is the common thread the connects all your talents?

My voice...something that is very important to me, yet I have to live a normal life with the very same thing that is considered a gift/talent. I use it to work (singing, acting, voiceover), yet I use it to communicate love and laugh and share stories with others, of which I’m sincerely grateful.




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